This Is My Hair This is My Culture

     We assume we have to acclimate to the status quo to be considered professional. Only styles that mimic Caucasian hair for women or, short cuts and fades for men, were considered acceptable. This is no longer the case. Times are changing and progress is being made. But progress will not continue being made if we do not embrace change as a people. Now is the time to end the belief that the hair that God gave us is somehow unacceptable to wear naturally in a professional setting. There are some caveats here though. While I believe that wearing your hair naturally in an Afro, braids, or other natural styles that can be considered conservative are professional, wearing unnatural hair colors and extremely long weaves are not. Save those for your modeling gigs! This still leaves you literally hundreds of styles to wear ladies (and gentlemen too!). Don't let anyone try and convince you that wearing your hear long makes you a rebel. If anyone considers you aggressive because of it that is them judging a book by its cover. They have to deal with whatever problems they have that make them hold that world view. You might think you aren't going to be accepted. And that may be the case because some people just won't understand.  But who wants to be accepted for their inauthentic self anyway?  We are no longer slaves in a system of white supremacy.  No longer must we be victims of a society that doesn't respect our culture.  We are congresswomen named Ayanna Pressley, former presidents named Barack Obama, titans of industry named named Robert Smith, and the list goes on. We have slowly clawed, fought, and marched our way to the table to become an integral part of this society. We stand on the precipice of a brave new world and it's up to us to decide our future.

     And this is deeper than hair. It's about preserving our culture. It's about us helping each other grow. Let me hit you with some quick facts. Black America currently has $1.2 trillion in spending power. That's right; not billion. TRILLION! This number is only going to steadily increase and is set to be $1.5 trillion by 2021. As great as this is there is a problem. We are spending this money with everyone else but ourselves. Less than 3% of the $1.2 trillion we spend is spent with businesses owned by our own people. Just take a trip to the nearest corner store in any black neighborhood and take a look inside. It's sometimes called the habib for a reason. This isn't an attack on any other race but there are some hard truths that we must stare in the face if we are continue to grow as a people. America may scream freedom and individuality but collectivism is embedded deep in the economics of this nation.  Asians come over and form little Korea town, little china town.  Europeans have little Russia and little Italy.  I've never heard of a little Mexico but I know Hispanics do business with each other and help each other grow.  We won't make it alone brothers and sisters.  It's time for us to come together, trust each other, treat each other right, and grow together.  

     I know this post switched gears a bit but this is something I feel very strongly about and wanted to share with you. I want to do more than take care of your hair. I want to motivate you. I want to see you grow and succeed. I want us to exercise the power that we have to decide what the norm is for our people. Our ancestors might not have asked to come here but now that we are here we should determine what the future holds for us in this land.

As always sisters and brothers, edify your mind, nourish your soul, and moisturize your hair.

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