Deep Conditioning

    You are standing in the aisle at your favorite store for all your hair care product needs. There are rows upon rows of conditioner. Instant conditioner, creme-rinse conditioner, deep conditioners. On and on it goes. This company promises the ultimate protection, but, that company guarantees crazy amounts of hair growth. Your eyes glaze over and you just reach out, grab a bottle, scan it quickly and shrug as you throw it in your tote bag (cause you know, your a good steward of the planet and all that good stuff). You grab a few more things and slide into the checkout line. You put a few too many things up on the counter and give that bottle of conditioner one last hard look as the cashier interrupts your thoughts. "Did you find everything okay today?"  "I think so. I'm not sure if this is the conditioner I need. There were almost too many choices."  She looks at you nonplussed and says "Conditioner is conditioner right?" Not exactly.

There are 5 types of moisturizers:

  • instant conditioners - good for daily use but don't deep condition
  • creme-rinse conditioners - great for heat protection after your usual conditioning routine
  • deep conditioners - increases your hairs moisture and protein content
  • moisturizing conditioners - boost moisture and reduces frizziness
  • protein conditioners - can temporarily help to rebuild damage along the hair cuticle

    There are a few things that you should keep in mind when choosing your conditioner so you are not wasting money. Save that cash and invest it in yourself another way! Conditioning your hair is the only way to maintain its proper moisture balance. Oil or an actual cream conditioner work well. If you do choose a cream conditioner, make sure it is a deep or penetrating conditioner.These kinds of conditioner contain the proper oils and ingredients for you hair to be healthy. Follow this up with a rinse out conditioner to really lock in the moisture.

    Would you like a product package that contains just what you need? Contact us and we will be more than happy to consult with you and create the perfect package that suits your all your hair care needs.

Edify your mind, nourish your soul, and moisturize your hair.  

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